Spike TV to Carry UFC 120 on Tape Delay

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7/29/10 7:32:39PM
Spike TV will air UFC 120 “Bisping vs. Akiyama” via same-day tape delay at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Oct. 16 from the O2 Arena in London.
7/30/10 12:35:40AM
delay's are never good
7/30/10 8:37:11PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

delay's are never good

I'm OK with it if its the same day and freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
7/31/10 11:43:29AM
Yeah delays suck. Loved the last one where I was off the internet for the day
I turn on the tv and right then on espn. The captions below said who won the two title fights in abu dabai
Classic!!! 9pm is a hell of a late card. Might just check the play ground see how I did point wise to see if my night will shine or not that night
7/31/10 12:42:41PM
Well showing it live in the States doesn't make sense. I personally like to watch it live on the net and be able to go out that night, but ratings wise it doesn't make sense. I just hate when they try to charge for those cards. They should all be on Spike.
8/2/10 11:55:32PM
I wish they would just show it live on Spike during the day and then again at night. I personally dont see the big deal in doing that but as Sam said I'll take it......FOR FREEEEEEEEE.
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