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2/21/11 9:05:13PM
With the first round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix in the books, April 9 had become the focus for the other half of the quarterfinals, but it now appears that fans will have to wait a little longer to see who will be squaring off with Antonio Silva and Sergei Kharitonov.

2/21/11 9:36:22PM
2/21/11 11:11:37PM
Don't like this at all, it gives Silva and Sergi a unfair advantage they will have about 2 months rest time on the winners of these bouts. I already didn't like the time differential in the bouts now its an even wider gap. Not good
2/22/11 2:32:25AM

Just in case you can't tell that I dislike, eff this.
2/22/11 8:40:18AM
2/22/11 11:42:44AM
Probably till may now

But now the card will feature. Melendez defending against
I am not even gonna try to spell his name.

And diaz vs daley.
2/22/11 11:58:14AM
And it begins.
2/22/11 12:01:42PM
Kind of figured this would happen when they first announced so many high profile fighters, who aren't really known for fighting with frequency, to be in a grand prix. Strikeforce doesn't have the best track record when it comes to consistent fights for fighters. That's unless you count the Challengers series, but those guys get no respect within the organization anyway.
2/22/11 11:59:40PM
im irritated because they really dont give a good reason for the delay.
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