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6/30/13 8:52:24PM
The self-proclaimed "American Gangster" from West Linn, Ore., is currently sitting as an early betting favorite (-139) over former 205-pound champion, Mauricio Rua (see the line here), in the build-up to their UFC on FOX Sports 1 #1 main event, which is slated for TD Garden in Boston, Mass., on Aug. 17, 2013.

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I will be planning a second honeymoon Aug. 17, 2013 - - as I plan to TAKE Shogun's virginity and make him an HONEST man
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6/30/13 11:17:12PM
I'm interested to see how this fight plays out. Shogun is going to destroy Chael, Sonnen as the fav is madness
6/30/13 11:49:57PM
You know, I can easily see Sonnen owning Rua from the top...rolling for a knee bar isn't going to work with Sonnen. Rua's only real chance is to catch him coming in with a hard punch or knee.
7/1/13 4:00:23AM
I'll be betting the farm on Shogun if Sonnen is the favorite. Whoever came up with those odds should be slapped for excessive stupidity.
7/1/13 5:25:39AM
If you think about it, stylistically, and, for whatever reason, decide to take into account the extremely flawed premise of mma math, then it makes sense. Since Shogun hopped over to the ufc is TDD has been far less than stellar. According to the UFC website over the course of his UFC career his TDD is an abysmal 34%. So, if you consider the numbers, it makes sense. I'm still not sure who I'm picking in this fight though. The only way I see Sonnen winning is decision, but Rua I can see winning via sub or ko. Smart pick based on recent performances is on Rua. Their styles do make it interesting though.
7/1/13 6:52:54AM
This should be a 50/50 fight. Whoever the underdog is is the guy I'll be putting some money on.
7/1/13 8:28:18AM

Posted by jjeans

This should be a 50/50 fight. Whoever the underdog is is the guy I'll be putting some money on.

I like that idea. I can see the fight going either way. Previously I would go with Shogun, but it seems like you just never know which Shogun will show up.
7/1/13 12:18:55PM
I think Sonnen should clearly be the favorite. I think he is a smarter fighter than Rua, and just as durable with a superior gas tank. Could he get lit up on his feet? Sure, but I doubt that will happen.
7/1/13 1:24:41PM
Shogun doesnt have the best takedown defense
I can see this being a 5 round humpfest
At the end shogun my be pregnant
7/1/13 3:44:36PM
Can't wait to put some $$$$$$$$$$$$$ down on Shogun for this.
7/1/13 4:39:41PM
rogan tatted up
7/1/13 8:32:25PM
No way I'm trusting Shogun's gas tank against a grinder like Sonnen.

Chael P(ersistence) Sonnen via Split Decision.
7/2/13 12:53:53AM
What are the odds of Chael finishing Rua? I bet there's some money to be made there.
7/2/13 2:29:12AM
Shogun is going to sweep him like crazy early. And when shogun does that he fades around end of the second. I think 50/50 is accurate.

If only Shogun was on dat Trt we'd have an injury healed fully trained fighter to compliment his superior skillset. Dude could still be running shit like Vitor.
7/2/13 5:43:47PM

Posted by frizzzlecake

What are the odds of Chael finishing Rua? I bet there's some money to be made there.

Let's not get too carried away here.
7/6/13 2:54:54PM
Yeah Chael is not going to finish Shogun. But he can win a decision. I think 5rd would favor Chael but he should be able to win 2 rounds.
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