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11/12/07 8:17:39AM
Houston Alexander doesn’t hear a thing.

Despite the roar of the crowd, the thumping beat of the entrance music blaring through arena speakers, and the shouts of his opponent’s cornermen, as well as his own team’s, nothing breaks the Nebraska fighter’s focus when he enters the Octagon. He stares across at his opponent, who - for the next 15 minutes or less - will try to hurt him, make him bleed, or most importantly, take away what he has fought so hard for over the last six years.

11/12/07 12:23:55PM
What a find Alexander was for Dana White and the UFC. When the matchup with Jardine was first announced, people were like "WTF?, Who is this guy??," but now it's hard to find someone who is not excited about Alexander.

Not only is he a great fighter, but he's also a standup guy outside of the octagon. He's one of the first guys who has given fans a real glimpse into the real life of a fighter. I know we've seen all of these "All Access" shows, where we get to see fighters train, but training isn't real life. Telling kids to do their homework or share a video game is real life. And Houston has real life down.
11/13/07 11:17:32AM
Not that is isnt already exciting to watch this guy fight, but it just makes it that much easier.
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