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1/25/07 3:16:00AM
1) NEW FEATURE - My Wager Finder

If are having trouble finding enough people to place wagers with either on the MMA Fantasy Game Talk forum or from within your fight camp then perhaps this new feature is for you. With it, you can search for people who are open to wagers on the fight you're lookin' to make some e-dough on

How can I get myself on that list? There is a new option on the My Upcoming Events page right below where you make a pick for a fight that says "I'm open to wagers on this fight". Simply click this box and you will automatically come up when your pick matches what people are looking for

Make sure you go back in and check off the fights you're willing to accept wagers on! And don't forget that you now have more wagering flexibility for some of the long-shot fights with the new option to set variable wager amounts in your wager propositions.


We have corrected 2 errors dealing with the event picks display graph on the "Event Picks and Points" page and the corresponding "Event Picks" page from within your fight camps. We've also correct a small bug on the My Upcoming Events page that some new registrants were sporadically experiencing. Thanks to those who pointed them out for us.

3) UFC 67 fight card

The UFC 67 fight card was updated earlier today. Melvin Guillard has sustained a hand injury and will not be fighting Dustin Hazelett Taking his place will be Diego Saraiva. Please note: any picks or wagers you had made for this fight have been automatically deleted and need to be reset. Also added to the fight card are 2 newly confirmed bouts: John Halverson vs Roger Huerta and Terry Martin vs Jorge Rivera.

4) Layout and ads

The website layout has been altered slightly and ads have been rearranged... I know ads piss people off, sorry! Unfortunately though bandwidth and servers cost money /cringe

If you haven't seen your website suggestion implemented yet, stay tuned! We're getting to 'em as fast as we can! More to come in the next 1-2 weeks...
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