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1/7/08 11:32:50AM


Brock talks a lot of smack saying he's going to do a bunch of things to Mir and Mir seems pretty composed. I don't know what to think of the trailer for the event I don't really like seeing WWE wrestling clips meshed in with UFC.

Also on the card is Sylvia vs. Nogueira. Dana White and Joe Rogan mention how Tim looked great in his last fight and Nog didn't. If it goes to the ground Nog has an advantage but Nog still has good standup to.

The heavyweight event takes place Saturday Feb. 2nd
1/7/08 11:49:44AM
Uh.. Silvia vs. Nogueira???
Isnt it sYlvia ?? C'mon UFC!

Either way... holy shit I cannot wait until the Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar fight!!

I dont care who wins (Leaning towards Mir) I just wanna see it!

Okay, they corrected it and put Sylvia about an hour ago.
1/7/08 12:50:15PM
Link doesn't work for me
1/7/08 6:35:29PM
Me either fella
1/7/08 8:05:34PM
i would like to see lesnar try to pull off one of those "back-breakers" on frank mir

still i am taking lesnar thought he looks f***ing determined
1/7/08 8:26:32PM
Yea the link doesn't work for me either. But I was on the site yesterday.

So just type in 81.ufc.com into your address bar to get you there.
1/7/08 11:12:55PM
Did anyone else laugh when Brock took some shots at Tim Sylvia??

"Randy Couture comes in and beats Tim Sylvia; makes him look like an ass."

Just the way he said "makes him look like an ass" made me freaking lol.
1/8/08 12:13:22AM
Sight is made but definately not completed, there are a few links there thatdon't work yet....oh and Brock going on about slamming Mir and his eyes bulging and tearing off his head.....WTF was all that! I hope that he gets submitted quickly!
1/8/08 9:06:08AM
lol Lesnar is using his WWE style shit talking. I think he's trying to scare Mir. But he does look determined to win this fight. Still gotta give it to Frank by submission but could be a good fight.

And why are there two UFC websites up already?
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