A Silva never intended to fight at 205 lbs

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7/11/08 7:51:03PM
From OC Register interview with Anderson Silva:

On if his plan is to hold the middleweight and light-heavyweight belts at the same time:

“My goal is to keep my middleweight title and it has been proven that the light-heavyweight title belongs to Lyoto (Machida).

“We’re not only friends, but we are teammates and Lyoto has done everything he can to prove that he deserves that title.”

On whose idea it was to fight at 205 pounds:

“This was brought up by Dana White. I was in Hawaii with one of my teammates, Rafael Feijao, who was fighting in EliteXC. I got a phone call from my manager saying that Dana wanted me to do this fight on July 19. We were a little worried at first because we had to cut the training in half, but we were up for the challenge.”

On whether he had entertained the possibility of fighting at 205 before White made the request:

“No, I wasn’t planning on fighting at 205, but it came as a challenge and we are ready to test our skills.”

Check out the entire interview here:

7/11/08 9:10:12PM
this is dumb on the part of dana white, Whats the point of it? Anderson is not goin to keep fighting at 205, and it has nothin to do with his title. if they really wanted to do somethin to compete with affliction, why not have anderson and okami fight for the title on fight night 14? its not as big as sylvia vs. fedor but its a bigger fight and makes more sense than silva vs. irvin
7/11/08 11:17:31PM
Its a great move by Dana, he's no idiot. He's created alot of hype around Silva being the best P4P. If he loses, he still holds the MW title, and it's a big "if". The people buying the Affliction card are mostly hardcore fans and from what I've seen he's been able to pull more than a few away from th pay per view to get a free show. I still plan on buying the Affliction PPV but some will not. Great business move on Dana's part.
7/11/08 11:52:40PM
I don't know how reliable this source is. I've read other sources that say the opposite. It is what it is.

I think he'll ko Irvin. We'll see how much else he plans on fighting at other weights. I'd rather see him just run the MW div.
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