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2/5/07 8:44:26PM
I take Silva You Take Henderson 200 bux... who wants it.....

I take Shogun You Take Alistair 200 bux....
2/6/07 5:11:03PM
Good luck getting any takers if you're not offering odds...
2/6/07 6:31:22PM
I'll offer odds on that fight. I haven't seen any live odds yet, 2:1 sound fair. I'll put up to 200 down on silva for 1/2 that put on hendo.
2/6/07 10:34:49PM
Since the wagering system has been changed you have to give at least 2 to 1 to bet on Silva now. So, I have $75 dollars on Hendo if anybody wants to wager $150 on Silva
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