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1/16/15 8:32:46PM
Guys that are not exclusive to big organizations and have real talent in my that the UFC should look at, just my opinion of course. Feel free to comment or add to this!

Vyacheslav Vasilesky: fought in Bellator back in the day and avenged his loss there, which was a bad decision. He won later by tko. 26 years old, LHW, 11 tko and 7 sub wins with a total record of 26-2.

Lukasz Sajewski: 24 years old from Poland, 13-0 record with 2 tko and 7 submissions, fighting at LW.

Karlos Vemola: had a bad time in the UFC Nad fought there in 3 weight classes, finally found consistency at MW with a record of 14-4 8 subs and 4 tkos, from the Czech Republic and still only 29 years old.

Pietro Menga: fighting with BAMMA almost disqualifies him from my list...but meh. Fights at 125 lbs is only 26, with a 12-0 record and 8 subs...pretty damn solid.

Kairat Akhmetov: fighting out of Kazakhstan with a 21-0 record at only 27 years old...fighting at 125 lbs, could be a steal talent wise.

Islam Makhachev: LW with an 11-0 record from Dagestan, rumored to train with Khabib Nurmagomedov. At 23 years old is currently fighting for M1 though.

Tons of good dude's out there to look at! Some honorable mentions:
Michal Materla
Karol Bedorf
Marut Gafurov
Ivan Buchinger.
Michal Kita
Stephan Putz
Damian Grabowski
Nico Muskake
Nicolas Dalby
Mike Wooten
1/17/15 8:39:09AM
With ufc Poland card in April don't be surprised if some are signed like sawjewski and grabowski
1/17/15 5:01:38PM
There are some big names out there to be signed for sure, but the UFC may not pay what they consider their worth is. That's the problem with Mahmed Khalidov...dude's a beast and gets like $30 k per fight and the UFC didn't see the price being right. Now Michal Materla and a few others like Grabowski who are close to him all think the UFC doesn't see their value, so they prefer to stay with KSW. The starting price is better but the ceiling is extremely lower.
1/18/15 12:34:44PM
KSW already openly stated they would outbid ufc if they came trying to poach yalent........good luck dana.....

Ksw holds quite a number of excellent international fighters and i hope they stay there.....
1/18/15 1:19:21PM
I think you'll see a bunch of them sign when the UFC comes to Poland. That tends to be how they do business.

KSW won't be able to match if the UFC offers them what they're worth.
1/18/15 3:31:54PM
I think it all depends on if this fighter pay / Reebok deal really hikes up the pay to the point where they can look at the rest of their roster and say that these guys are worth the extra dollars. KSW has great fighters, especially in the heavier divisions (which is where the UFCis currently the weakest) however they are superstars in their own country and very loyal to the organization. I don't think they are going to invade Europe successfully without taking out KSW.