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3/10/11 2:16:01PM
Recently, former Shooto world champion Noboru Asahi has led the charge in shaking up the Shooto regime. A recent petition from Asahi -- signed and supported by various Shooto fighters and gym leaders -- inquires into the financial operations of the Japanese Shooto Association, the International Shooto Commission and the role of one of its principal members, Taro Wakabayashi, in those affairs. According to Asahi, the necessity of this petition arose over concerns of Wakabayashi’s unofficial autocratic control over the association and its non-public finances.

p.s. IMHO, this is the real reason behind the death of mma in Japan..way too many scandals..
3/10/11 3:32:00PM
I was just about to post this, you beat me to it. I don't follow Shooto, but this is a really interesting read! It's good to see Japanese fighters admitting they need to evolve.
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