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3/17/09 5:22:27PM
Demian Maia submitted all five opponents he faced in the UFC, and now is helping Maurício “Shogun” Rua in his trainings for his next fight, against the former champion Chuck Liddell. Opening the doors of his gym in São Paulo for the Pride GP champion, Demian commented Ru’s training and is confident in another Brazilian victory in the octagon

3/17/09 5:40:09PM
He shouldn't be with Maia this fight he should be working hands hands and more hands.
3/17/09 6:38:59PM
Unless Shogun expects to catch Liddell with a flying double back flip triple axle armbar choke i dont think there is a single reason for Shogun to train with Maia. Shoguns BJJ is probably good enough to submit Chuck if he can get Chuck to the ground and hold him there.

If he is concerned with grappling he should have went to Xtreme Couture to get some excellent Greco Roman training from Couture.
3/17/09 6:45:05PM
I don't see what's wrong with him training with Maia. I mean you think there's no chance Liddell will shoot in for a TD?
3/17/09 6:53:57PM
Shogun should be more concerned with his cardio than his submissions, Liddell is going to KO him in the second round
3/17/09 7:07:28PM
I agree he should definetaly be training muay thai and kickboxing for Liddell... I think the evidence is there that a gameplan of shooting on Liddell, taking him down and going for a submission is NOT the way to win.
3/17/09 7:25:02PM
Maia isnt going to be any help because this will be a stand up fight. I doubt we will see much on the ground in this fight. Mistake on Shoguns part he should be training for a stand up war eveyone knows chucks game plan!!!
3/17/09 7:51:14PM
If shogun gets a takedown it will be from a trip(which are quite underrated), Maia can help him with improving this aspect of the game.

Theres no chance that Shogun is going to shoot for a single-leg or double-leg takedown thats successfully pulls chuck to the Mat.

If i was shogun though id be working on my outside striking game; head movement, footwork, and kick to punch combos to catch chuck off guard.
3/17/09 8:08:15PM

Posted by Davebled

Shogun should be more concerned with his cardio than his submissions, Liddell is going to KO him in the second round

i agree, then disagree
3/17/09 8:43:53PM
This fight isn't going no where near the ground so why train for it.
3/17/09 8:55:23PM
This scares me cuz Liddell sprawls from world class wrestlers in his sleep. If Shogun starts shooting he's a goner. No doubt he would sub chuck in a ground fight, but he'll have to get em there and imho it's not even worth trying. Waste too much energy and you'll only get him down like 2% of the time.

If he worked his Muay Thai and Kickboxing no doubt he's gonna beat the crap outta Chuck. he has a good chin and is definitely a better overall well rounded striker then Chuck even thow Chuck gots that power advantage. If he just throws hands like Wandy Chuck could definitely be the 1st to put em unconscious. But if he makes it a kickboxing & muay thai fight, he will give him a beating cuz Chuck ain't one to defend kicks and recently he's just been all about just trying to land that overhand right just forcing it without setting it up.

So as long as he uses a combination of different strikes he'll lay down a beating and stop Chuck in the 2nd I believe. If I'm Chuck I'm definitely being a counterpuncher this fight and instead of being a one dimensional boxer just throwing a big right, I work my boxing and throw other punches in their to set up the KO. At the end Shogun just ain't what he was in Pride IMHO and he gets stopped by Chuck in the 2nd.
3/18/09 12:04:44AM

Posted by cheesy-maggot

I don't see what's wrong with him training with Maia. I mean you think there's no chance Liddell will shoot in for a TD?

Yeah i agree. I think theres a pretty good chance that IF Shogun hurts chuck standing chuck will shoot. Hes had good luck with it lately (Wanderlei) and has touted his shot as a threat when he was talking about a fight with Anderson Silva. I think Shogun is thinkin about finishing from his back should he get taken down kicking, etc.
3/18/09 2:23:40AM
how much BJJ could u pick up in 3 months? r u kidding me, this means nothing. BTW, how will he be able to talk Chuck down? Not possible and even if Chuck takes him down, I dont see Shogun subbing him because when we have seen Chuck on top, he is ussually postured up and doesnt give anything for his opponent to grab too.

Chuck by UD but having a 10-8 round in the fight
3/18/09 9:26:00AM
I hope we see an improved Chuck here, but I fear we won't and if we don't it's good luck Chuck.
3/18/09 9:50:21AM
Liddell is going to come out angry as hell and take out Shogun. I know it doesn't mean so much now, but it's still a win over Mauricio Rua, a few years ago that would have really been something. Perfect cap to Chuck's amazing career. If he does this in convincing fashion, doesn't get too banged up in the process, maybe he gets a nice super fight after this, over someone he really wants. If he's able to unload like he did on Wanderlei it's going to be lights out for Shogun. I used to be that guys biggest fan and I wrote off the whole Forrest thing to his injury but he had all the time in the world and it took him three rounds to beat that old man up. "This is hard to watch, his hands are so low". Thanks for perfectly summing it up Rogan.
3/18/09 2:55:25PM
shogun just needs to come with a full tank of gas and he should be fine.
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