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8/15/07 1:55:45PM
Many U.S. fans have longed for it and in September Chute Boxe fighter Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will finally make his debut in the UFC.

8/15/07 3:58:56PM
I hope he puts on a really good show

I think Forrest is in Trouble
8/15/07 6:43:13PM
forrest IS in trouble.
8/15/07 9:55:11PM
Forrest told me his middle name is trouble , but I still think he takes a beating.
8/16/07 8:57:07AM
I hope Forrest wins. It will be funny if he does
8/16/07 11:21:14AM
I love Forrest. He's got more heart than most, and he's not afraid to stand with anybody.
However, with that said, Shogun is one of my favorite fighters, and I hope he wins and then, or after one more fight, gets a shot at the title. It will be weird to see Shogun in the cage, and not being able to use some of the things that worked so well for him in Pride (stomps to the head, etc). But I am excited to see how well he uses his elbows. Chute box fighters are among the best at using the clinch and throwing knees, so it'll be interesting to see the addtion of the 'bows!!
8/16/07 2:50:35PM
i cannot wait to see shogun in the ufc!! ahhhh!!
8/16/07 4:51:00PM
i also like forrest but shogun is a badass and he will beat that ass.
8/16/07 5:02:19PM
I think Forrest needs a new manager, he's got a ton of heart, but Shogun can't even see him in his rear view in terms of talent. I actually would prefer to watch Forrest beat up on Tito again instead of Rashad
8/17/07 12:19:10PM
Agreed. I just watched Forrest's fight with Tito again last night. That fight was after Tito took a year and a half off after beating Vitor. What were those judges thinking? Forrest won that fight, I don't care what anyone says.
First round: Tito 10-9
Second round: Forrest 10-9
Third round: Forrest 10-9
If heart could win fights Forrest could beat Shogun. However, that's just not going to happen. It's possible, anything's possible, but not at all likely. This fight won't get past the second round, and will probably end in the first. Forrest is tough, but Shogun is one of, if not the most, mixed martial artist in the world. He's extremely well-rounded, has amazing bjj which he doesn't have to use that much because his standup is so great, and some of the best knees and clinch. I'm ready for the elbows. Shogun is ruthless.
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