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9/7/10 10:34:27AM has confirmed that all fighters on this Friday’s Shine Fights card in Newkirk, Oklahoma will face ineligibility suspensions for taking part in an unsanctioned event. The suspensions, expected to last between 60 and 90 days, are enforceable by all member states in the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC).

Fighters deemed as “ineligible” will be unable to compete on any sanctioned mixed martial arts cards until the duration of their suspension has expired. All Shine Fights participants (Drew Fickett, Charles Bennett, Marcus Aurelio, Carlo Prater, etc.) will face this distinction.

9/7/10 11:50:08AM
Link This is getting messy as Shine isn't neccesarily allowing Marcus to fight Aoki in Dream. So Marcus will get in trouble and suspended by the commision if he fights for the organization, but if he doesn't he basically gets suspended by Shine!? WTF!! Poor Marcus is in a quite the pickle.
9/7/10 1:03:57PM
Aurelio can fight in Japan if hes suspended in the USA, he just likely will have troubles fighting in the states afterwards.

In my opinion, suspending the fighters for this is ridiculous and Malicious. Bad commission, bad.
9/7/10 5:03:18PM
Do you suppose this breaks Charles Bennets parole? Just saying....
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