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9/28/08 2:59:54PM

Title says it all, link to the commercial for EXC's next WW title fight on Oct 4th.
9/28/08 5:43:45PM
Can't wait to see this fight

Wish it was on english TV though
9/29/08 1:37:02PM
They showed Kimbo's first fight in elite xc on sky, don't think it will be this time around tho, Shields is getting ktfo!
9/29/08 7:54:50PM
Semtex is going to smash Shields
10/1/08 1:07:39AM
I agree with yall. I think Daley is gonna KO shields.
10/1/08 3:16:51AM
You guys are talking madness. Shields is one of the WW elite. Paul is an exciting fighter and he has improved on the ground but if he gets taken down by Jake he's not getting up. Barring a miracle punch by Paul I don't see this fight lasting more than 3 minutes.
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