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8/21/11 3:09:44AM
Here are the results pertinent to the combo card. Bellator 48 already has a thread in the spoilers forum so I omitted those.

Shark Fights 18

Nelson defeated Wetherspoon by round two tko (due to inury)

Emanuel Newton defeated Ricky Shivers by unanimous decision

Superior Cage Combat 2

Josh Neer defeated Blas Avena by round one tko

Justin Bucholz defeats Thiago Meller by unanimous decision

The John Alessio and John Gunderson fights had different opponents than the ones on the combo card. For the record, Alessio and Gunderson beat their respective opponents

Sources: Wikipedia and Sherdog
8/21/11 7:22:39AM
Damn forgot to finish selecting my picks... I'm such a tard
8/21/11 10:09:48AM
That means they'll have to scrap the Gunderson fight, which brings it down to 7 fights.
8/21/11 11:39:46AM
Well it's already updated.

I got 53 pts.

Still hanging on to that #1 in points.
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