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5/18/09 1:42:56AM
i recently decided to try and lose some weight and get into better shape.
I wanted to know if people had any tips/ advice.

I want to work out 5-6 days a week for 1 hour or sometime 1-2hours

I have access to a fitness center with limited equipment....3 machines for upper body 2 for lower....a few treadmills stair climbers etc.

I am also trying to change my diet...i eat mainly at night before I go to bed which i am trying to change

I started two weeks ago and have lost about 10 pounds

I am looking for how much weight/ reps i should be doing
and how to figure out a schedule that i can give my muscles enough time to rest.

also if anyone has any info on what i should be eating, or what to cut out of my diet, or any healthy recipes websites....it would be greatly appreciated
I have already done the obvious, eat less, cut soda out of my diet as well as salt. Eat good amount of fruit and veg.

24 year old male
starting weight: fluctuated between 197-203 pounds
current weight : 190
5/18/09 1:55:55AM
Circuit Training is what worked for me. It was a college weight training class and I was in the best shape of my life. I could play 4-5 games of street bball in a row during the summer without getting tired.

It sucks you only have a few pieces of equipment to work with. I did smaller weights but as many reps I could in 30 seconds then rested for 30 seconds and switched to a different lift. That way you build stamina and strength at the same time. The class was 50 minutes long and every other day.

Give your muscles time to recover though. You could lift every other day and run in between those days.

Good Luck
5/18/09 10:18:40PM
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