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8/21/09 7:09:25AM
“I have verbally been offered the fight with Brock and I have verbally accepted this fight. My manager and the UFC are handling the the details. I am honored that the UFC has given me this opportunity. The fans of this sport are what makes MMA so great. I expect to be fighting at UFC 106 in November.”

Number one heavyweight title contender Shane Carwin shares his first public thoughts on challenging division champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Nov. 21. Carwin was expected to take on Cain Velasquez at UFC 104 on Oct. 24; however, the promotion today shifted gears and opted instead to put him up against someone his own size — Carwin and Lesnar are far and away the biggest competitors on the UFC roster. And they both have strong wrestling backgrounds. On paper, the fighters appear to be very evenly matched. However, Lesnar has dedicated himself to training mixed martial arts for the past few years. Meanwhile, Carwin still holds down a full-time job as an engineer at the North Weld County Water District in Colorado.

8/21/09 8:27:52AM
WIl Shane Carwin KO Lesnar with one of his TNT fists?
Or will Lesnar maul Carwin and GnP him through the floor?

I think Lesnar is gonna win this one....
But no matter who wins I'm excited to see the fight!
8/21/09 9:24:38AM
Even though I'll be pulling for Carwin, I'm leaning towards Lesnar in this one. This could be a great fight, either that or over way too quickly. They are both so strong, one good shot from either and its over.
8/21/09 9:33:15AM
I'm picking with my heart and saying Carwin beats Brock up I have a feeling I might change it though :(
8/22/09 5:23:53AM
Brock by 187! Like it or not we're in the Brock Lesnar era!
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