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10/9/07 9:25:16PM

Some issues concerning the amount of teams in the IFL. It becomes even more confusing as it seems that they are dropping two other teams and bringing in Mario Sperry and Ian Freeman as coaches.

10/9/07 10:47:13PM
I wonder if this mainly has to do with the fact that Shamrock is a champion in another promotion?

10/9/07 11:03:29PM
I think it's because he's champ for Strikeforce too...I think he would have easily dominated the IFL middleweight division if they had a MW title if they were going to create one and they probably didn't want that...

He use to be the Fedor of MMA back in the 90's and early 2000's...He is still very good...I think next September he fights Lawler if he still has the EliteXC MW title...Hopefully

Good move for him, bad for his team because they lose a great coach and probably start off fresh in the no mane orgs....
10/9/07 11:52:11PM
Could it be that these teams just were really bad? You know, eliminate the weak. Bring in new guys, give them a team and see what they can do.

I assume though that the released fighters will be given a tryout for the new teams.

I am looking at the Razorclaws right now, and it seems that at lease one of their fighters is on the Grand Prix card. Unless he is getting released as well after the event, then he'll most likely switch teams. The guy i'm talking about is Brian Foster.

The Alternate LW, Clint Coronel, was in the great fight against Evangelista at the Strikeforce event (which could spell bad news because it adds to the fact that they might've been released because they were appearing on Strikeforce.) Frank said during commentary that he teaches Clint. Frank could also have gotten him that fight. Who knows.

Does your source say what other two teams were released?

Edit: Just read the MMAWeekly article. It says Foster is the only one not released.

Edit again: It doesn't say which teams were being released, but it sounds like Just the Razorclaws were full fledged let go. Mario Sperry and Ian Freeman will likely replace other coaches. My guess is that one of them gets the Anacondas. Their page even lists them without a head coach. Just an assistant. I'll have to look into who the other might be.

Final Edit (I swear): I was looking at the teams, and I would think that either the Red Bears or the Condors should get a new coach, and or Face Lift altogether. Either team could use a new look on life.
10/10/07 9:33:55AM
Wow, I didn't see this coming. I'd say there were a few reasons for this. Possibly, the owners or whoever, didn't get along w/ him. Or they just wanted to make room for some new teams, possibly from some heavily talented schools, containing some great young fighters. I don't know but maybe they'll clarify the reason for their decision later on. And this is just coming after the announcement of the new deal they signed w/MyNetworkTV. Oh well.
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