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1/5/08 10:59:43PM
Matt Serra can't wait to come to Canada to film the sequel to his surprise blockbuster win over Montreal's Georges St. Pierre.

"I love it. Let it be in Canada," says the 33-year-old Italian-American from Long Island, N.Y. after hearing the rematch is tentatively scheduled for April in Montreal.

"Let me tell you about a little movie called Rocky IV. A little Italian guy goes over to Russia to fight a big Russian experiment named Drago.

"Now, a little Italian guy goes to Canada to fight the big Canadian experiment named frickin' GSP. It's a monster movie. I want to be in that movie. I want to be Rocky."

1/6/08 12:45:03PM

Ha Ha
1/6/08 1:43:37PM
Serra might look a lot like Stallone after the fight is over.
1/6/08 1:57:42PM
Haha. I love the Rocky reference. I really want to see him fight Hughes.
1/6/08 2:16:13PM
Serra is one goofy mofo.......Rocky, Drago??? Guy this isn't 1985
1/7/08 5:50:34PM
serra is pretty funny and a decent character. i can't see him beating gsp, though. who knows, maybe serra has his number. i'd like to see the fight remain standing, but i think jackson will advise gsp to take serra to the mat and pummel the rocky outta him.
1/7/08 7:32:41PM
this is a great topic i cant wait to see gsp destroy serra if they fought 100 times gsp wins 99 of those so dont look for an upset cause serra already has his one win
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