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11/5/08 4:55:40PM
Haha every av bet the person who i was betting against vanishes. I thought maybe it was because they didnt post much anyway. But then I had a bet with someone who posted all the time, and has well over 1000 posts, but after I lost they disappeared. Haha now I'm not complaining, but it's not as fun when nothing happens.

So I'm willing to take Randy in an av bet until the next UFC event. Any takers?
11/5/08 5:37:25PM
So, betting with you is kinda like getting perma-banned then?
11/5/08 5:54:10PM
If they lose, anyway.
11/5/08 6:02:05PM
i guess ill man up and take brock
11/6/08 1:35:37AM
I would but im betting emfleek for that fight . Same thing happens for me most of the time i ask for an av bet and the person doesnt respond back .
11/7/08 4:18:02PM

Posted by aaa9erh8er

i guess ill man up and take brock

Alright sounds good No disappearing when its done haha. And DC, I've honestly never won an av bet. They still disappear haha.
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