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9/1/07 4:17:12PM
“This is a fair street fight,” he said. “When I was a kid, we had street fights, but this reminds me of a street fight that’s fair.”

9/1/07 7:52:55PM
Reid is a crook.
9/1/07 8:48:42PM
Did they even show him there?

You would think a Senate Majority Leader would garner a quick pan from the camera
9/2/07 12:10:03AM
Good to have a really serious politician backing the sport. Unlike that ass John McCain going after it for cheap votes.
9/2/07 7:13:45AM
That was a great article. I always love the positive ones like this and the one NPR did. Kicks ass to have a senator among us, since @#!%* Mcain lashed out at theUFC because he was a fan of boxing.
9/2/07 1:18:12PM
i dont know what mcain's problem is.. i would still vote for him but damn.. he is uneducated about the sport.. and that is almost everyone's problem
9/2/07 2:53:01PM
Harry Reid is a crooked dude, but that shouldn't be a shock because he is a politician (just another word for a gifted liar). I like him a lot more though now that he backs MMA. If they panned to him at UFC 74, 85% of the people would have NO clue who he was. He would look more out of place than Randy's folks looked in the wild crowd.
9/2/07 3:23:38PM
Flying to Las Vegas from the East Coast a few days before the fights on the U.F.C’s brown Gulfstream IV, Dana White, the league’s
muscular, articulate 38-year-old president,

can someone explain that to me?
9/10/07 4:04:06PM

Posted by creativedestruction

Reid is a crook.

he's not stealing anything here
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