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8/21/07 1:57:42PM
How come there are no fighter rankings for the secondary league.
8/22/07 12:45:56AM
Many members of the website know maybe 20% at best, of the fighters who will ever fight in the secondary league.. I only know like 12%.. Most of the fights you see will be up and comers, who really haven't deserved a shot at being ranked. Plus with so many smaller organizations, and their many weight classes (including the women's weight classes), it would just be so hectic. It's so much simpler just using the primary league rankings, and seeing if you can get a mod to add a fighter if you want to rank them.. There isn't a need to rank up and comers, because they are here one day, gone the next.. Fighters like the ones in the UFC, and Pride are dedicating their life to this world..
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