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3/17/07 10:50:09PM
Im looking to start training in MMA. I just moved out here fro Illinois and im looking for a gym. PLEASE HELP
11/26/07 5:27:02PM
From san diego, but only recently became interested in MMA.

Would love it if anyone with information would help...Thanks
11/27/07 6:25:09PM
City boxing is there ,and I heard a new Extreme Couture was there ,or coming soon as well.
12/13/07 3:20:47PM
that would be awesome....that i would be willing to look into...Extreme couture
12/15/07 7:34:15PM
Dean Lister is going to be basically running the Xtreme Couture gym from what i hear and acually it is supposed to be open in January. i dont suggest City Boxing. There are also other gyms like the one that Diego Sanchez trains at.....or the John Koppenhaver trains at. i just forgot the names.
12/23/07 2:02:33AM
About an hour or so north of you in Temecula is Dan Henderson's Camp...Team Quest. It's also where Terry Soko trains....just a little FYI.
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