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11/29/09 12:13:37PM
Hi guys I live in pen argyl pa I love mma and I really want to get into sambo but as far as I know there is nothing anywhere around here to train. I know books and videos are not the way to go but does anyone have any suggestions?
11/29/09 4:11:58PM
Well if there isn't a Sambo school in your area I would look for a BJJ school in the area while not exactly the same short of moving I don't think you have much of a choice. This place is about an hour and a half away from you
Find BJJ near you then hit this place as often as you can ? What ever you decided do it and make every min in the gym count for you. Good Luck!
Liberty Bell Judo Sambo Acadamy
11/29/09 10:02:11PM
Alternately, you could talk with people at that school and see if someone lives closer to you than the school itself. Thats a very big commitment for that kind of travel, so you should definitely try it out and make sure you like it first. Failing that, depending on age, you might want to take wrestling (its free if you're in highschool), or BJJ. Any grappling you learn can help you out in Sambo down the road if its something you're really set on.
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