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11/1/07 2:54:25PM
I'm going with my boy 'hands of stone' by round 1 KO/TKO
what do you all think?
11/1/07 3:07:57PM
Well i thought the exact same thing but he aint "my boy" and im english so would like Etim to win, thinking about it Stout has no takedown defence and Etim can sub him i think, he aint as good as Kenny obviously but he could still beat him i think, Etim shouldnt be a big underdog in this fight imho
11/1/07 3:37:11PM
Stout by Decision
11/1/07 5:15:59PM
Yeah going back to the fight against Ken Flo, Stout sure looked like anyone with submissions would have there way with him, but you'd think Stout would have been working on his take down defence and sub defence since then. From the little I've seen Etim he looks like he has good submissions, but thats about it. I think Stout will be stronger then him and will be able to keep the fight standing the majority of the time. If that happens it could be a long night for Terry. You have to remeber just how good Ken Flo is, he could make anyone look bad, and you have to remember how young Stout was/is. Like I said, I don't no much about Etim, but I dout he has fought a striker like "hands of stone" Stout. I'll say Stout 2nd Rd KO.
11/1/07 6:23:36PM
This is a tough fight to pick. I'll take Etim by decison, but that is subject to change.
11/1/07 7:07:41PM
Etim is more well rounded than Stout who is mainly kickboxing. We saw Stout make no attempt to defend the rear naked choke Kenflo put on him. All Etim has to do is take him down which Fisher never tried in the 2nd fight. I like Stout and hopefully his ground game is improving but Etim is all around a better fighter.
11/1/07 7:34:46PM
lol this is a easy one imo, sam KO. Etim is no kenny so idk you are looking at that so the gound is not going to be at the same class
11/1/07 9:00:09PM
its easier to get an opponent to the ground than to keep a fight standing for 15 minutes. etim wont stand and bang with him and i dont think stout has the power to knock him out early in a round. For someone as skilled and experienced as etim it shouldnt be a problem to get stout to the ground. Terry by sub or UD.
11/2/07 12:59:26AM
Stout's KO over Martin Grandmont was a pretty brutal one:
11/2/07 11:06:37AM
I think that video proved why Etim will win. Stout is losing that fight until he lands a lucky big shot because the other guy is taller than him (just like Etim is taller than him) and is simply outreaching him. I think if Etim keeps him at range, Stout will eventually try to come inside at which point Terry can get him to the ground and submit him.
11/4/07 1:20:52AM
IF Stout can keep it on their feet he wins hands down. BUT!!!?!?!? If Etim can get him to the ground Sam wil be in trouble. Etim is a very wel rounded fighter and could take advantage of Stouts inability on the ground.
11/4/07 8:55:39AM
Got Terry in this one by sub. The way I look at it is Kenny had no problem taking Stout to the ground and subbing him, and Terry subbed Grice who is good on the ground. Terry trains some TDs for this match and he has it in the bag, unless Sam brings something new to the table.
11/4/07 5:14:59PM
dont forget that since his fight with ken flo he has been training alot with couture so i am sure his ground defense has improved alot. i am not too sure about etims skills yet so i will pick stout 2nd round ko...
11/4/07 10:27:12PM
I don't know how much improvement Stout has made in his ground game. It was an a stand-up war against Fisher and I know Etim does not want any of that. It will be an interesting fight, that's for sure.
11/12/07 12:25:34PM
i got to say Stout by TKO
3/27/08 11:38:30AM

Posted by Canadian_32

i got to say Stout by TKO

I agree
3/27/08 11:40:30AM

What is wrong with people?

CHECK THE DATES OF POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/27/08 1:41:11PM
Stout is a Very Tough fighter his wars with Fisher were phenominal, and his win over Eklund was impressive, hopefully he can stay away from Clementi's ground game, on the other hand when I first seen Etim in the octagon I was very impressed, but he had as stumble with Matt Grice so I dont know what will happen in this one it will be a good fight though, Im gonna have to say Stout Unan Dec
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