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9/3/07 3:01:51PM
LINK Our friend Sam Caplan over on recently had the chance to interview Dana
9/3/07 3:34:22PM
Great interview, but then Dana's always good. I'm hoping to speak to him on THursday at teh UFC 75 Press conference in London..
9/3/07 3:40:22PM
I really hope they don't go to HBO though, that will just be another bill to pay for my UFC...already the PPV cost is enough!! With HBO I get a monthly bill without a monthly fight neccessarily. I don't know man, I just like my free Spike Tv Fights!
9/3/07 3:41:39PM
great interview
9/3/07 5:46:41PM
Awesome interview! Aggressive questions coming from a knowledgeable MMA fan. Props to you, Sam.

Those comments on Babalu speak exactly from the horse's mouth what I was trying to say all along with Babalu's attitude making the situation worse than Jens and B.J.'s. It's all about face value on TV.
9/3/07 9:07:44PM
I dont agree at all with the things he said about Barnett. Barnett is world class, he's a top 5 HW and a great spokesman for the sport.
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