‘Rush’ to judgement: An exclusive interview with UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre

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8/7/08 9:49:25AM
It’s impossible for mixed martial arts fans to agree on who is the best fighter in the world. But one thing they can agree on is that UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre is on the very short list of names for consideration.

At 16-2 and just 27 years of age, the Canadian phenom has already been through a meteoric rise and fall - and subsequent rise in the annals of UFC superstardom.

“There were problems” the champ tells me when I ask him about the difficulties in his past, including his loss to Matt Serra. “But part of growing up is recognizing what is wrong and then doing what is right”.

St. Pierre had the unenviable task of growing up in the public spotlight. And in that spotlight, sometimes you’re only as good as your last fight.

Yet that seems to be an approach that ‘Rush’ has embraced heading into his fight against Jon Fitch at UFC 87. No more looking back on what he’s done. Conversely, no more looking ahead to what he might do.

“Jon Fitch is my focus right now. Nothing else.”

I spoke to the St. Pierre at 35,000 feet, en route to Minneapolis for his August 9 showdown with Jon Fitch at UFC 87: ‘Seek and Destroy’. We covered everything from training in Brazil to a possible showdown with Anderson Silva.

And what about all that talk from BJ Penn about gunning for a rematch?

Check it out.

Jesse Holland (MMAmania.com): Georges, first and foremost thank you for taking the time to talk with us again at MMAmania. Let’s get the requisite health question out of the way. How are you feeling physically?

Georges St. Pierre: I am 110%. I am in the best shape of my life.

Jesse Holland (MMAmania.com): How good does it feel to have the two Matt’s (Serra and Hughes) finally behind you?

Georges St. Pierre: It is a relief and it is good for my health, but I cannot relax because there are still so many challenges ahead of me. There is no resting anymore.

Jesse Holland (MMAmania.com): On Saturday you’ll be facing Jon Fitch who trains with Josh Koscheck - one of the few fighters that took you to a decision. Does that put you at a disadvantage coming into this fight?

8/7/08 1:33:24PM
That was a great interview. I expect, and hope, that GSP gets past Fitch, and I look forward to his next possible competitor. Obviously, the winner of Sanchez/Alves will be considered. If Sanchez wins, that would be interesting given Diego leaving Greg Jackson's camp and having some ill-feelings toward GSP. Obviously, I would also like to see Anderson/GSP, although it would take a lot for GSP to possibly win. Plus, it would probably be a five-round fight, if they both hold on to their titles, although the fight would only be for the MW title.
8/7/08 5:18:30PM
Great stuff. However, I read "meteroic rise" and automatically assumed Goldberg had written this article.
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