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11/28/07 2:21:27PM
Ruben “Warpath” Villareal tested positive for the anabolic steroid 4-Hydroxytestosterone following his participation in a Nov. 7 World Cagefighting Organization event in Hollywood, Calif., according to a report released today by the California State Athletic Commission.

The commission levied a one-year suspension and $2,500 fine against the 33-year-old journeyman.

11/28/07 3:10:12PM
This does not surprise me one bit. He has always been lazy, and him taking a shortcut is right up his alley.

(I know him personally, Im allowed to say that)
11/28/07 4:43:48PM
i should have guessed this after seeing his tremendous physique
11/28/07 9:43:16PM
mehh, he sucks anyway
11/29/07 2:52:35AM
rrofl this is the guy that bas leg-kicked to death when he came out of retirement for one fight. Dude must not work out very hard if he takes steroids and looks like that.
11/29/07 5:59:47AM
Hey c'mon now the guy is a WARRIOR and we would of all been left wanting for alot of fights had he not been a great last minute fighter
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