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5/23/11 9:54:59AM
To say that Roy Nelson has faced Frank Mir before isn’t an out-and-out lie, but it’s not even close to the fight they have coming up at UFC 130.

Eight years ago at Grappler’s Quest, while Mir was a few fights into his UFC career, he ventured back to his roots entering a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition where he met Renzo Gracie black belt Roy Nelson.

At that time, Nelson hadn’t even done mixed martial arts yet, but with just grappling happening in the match-up, he got the best of Mir by points.

5/23/11 12:09:35PM
I've been looking forward to this fight for so long! War Big Country!
5/23/11 2:40:43PM
Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story will save 130.
5/23/11 3:36:55PM
I agree with Nelson. His fight with Mir should be the main event.

The Rampage and Hamill fight can and may turn out to be a great fight if Hamill chooses to stand but I sincerely think this time, Hamill will adhere to his corner and try to turn this into a grappling/wrestling match.

Mir vs Nelson should remain standing for the most part. I expect both fighters to be tagged and so the real question is who will relent first?

I am a Mir fan once again, but I know my fighters and Mir tends to fade and relent once he feels the pressure. I have Nelson winning this fight in the second round via TKO.

I take that back. I say it ends in a judges decision for Nelson.
5/23/11 3:37:50PM

Posted by FastKnockout

Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story will save 130.

This should be a good fight too.
5/23/11 4:01:31PM
God I hope so for my sake
I am looking forward to this fight the most
5/23/11 4:05:17PM
Mir's getting dropped in this one. I don't know if the fight will last long enough to "save" ufc 130.
5/24/11 11:58:02AM
If i had any actual extra real money i would be dumping a chunk on Roy.
5/24/11 1:11:42PM
I dumped 100 on Big Country against my buddy... Rules are, it has to be a finish, if either fighter wins a decision it doesn't count, and the money has to be spent at the bar during UFC 131 weekend in Vancouver.
5/24/11 6:54:17PM
Mir's last fight didnt save 119, that's for damn sure
5/26/11 6:35:17AM
I have to go with Mir on this one... Big Country might have a tick head but i just don't see him winning this fight, and most people have not seen their BBJ bout of 8 years ago it was no clear victory on Roys part, it was a point win after time expired, he did not come close to actually subing Mir.

Mir has better BJJ then Nelson IMO he also hits harder... the thing will be Mirs cardio.
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