Rizzo Stops Monson; Horn Taps Out

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9/2/07 8:24:10PM
The main event featured Jeff Monson (Pictures) and Pedro Rizzo (Pictures), both previous challengers for the UFC heavyweight belt, in a true clash of styles with the former Abu Dhabi grappler meeting the former kickboxing champ in a fight that the potential of being a barnburner or a snore fest. Luckily there wasn't any snoring since Monson curiously chose to stay up and throw with Rizzo in every round.

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9/2/07 8:43:38PM
if anyone wants to see either the monson vs rizzo or the horn vs santiago fights i put them in the video section :)
9/2/07 10:08:45PM
I still cant believe they didnt show one replay in that fight.
9/3/07 12:43:51AM
Glad they didn't have that event in the Secondary League. I figured Monson would sub Rizzo in the 1st and Horn would take a decision.

I'm happy to see Rizzo making steps towards a comeback though. After his first comeback in Pride, I figured he was done, but Monson is a pretty impressive win to ad to a resume.
9/3/07 12:50:17AM
I went 7-3 even after the monson and horn upsets so I was pretty happy.
Fanboy 1988
9/3/07 5:35:07AM
Sucks that Horn lost..
9/3/07 2:40:15PM
I think Jeremy Horn should just stick to being a trainer, he's tough and all but I don't really ever get impressed by him. Monson though....wow that sucks man, his weight is just too much for his own good. If you check out his record, it sucks against large strikers. Too bad too, just shows you the downside of being one dimensional in MMA!!
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