Ricardo Almeida signs to fight ex-champ Matt Hughes at UFC 117

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5/21/10 11:36:54AM
As expected former middleweight Ricardo Almeida (12-3 MMA, 5-3 UFC) looks to build off a welterweight-debut win over Matt Brown when he fights former champ Matt Hughes (44-7 MMA, 17-5 UFC) at UFC 117.

While a recent guest on Versus' "The Daily Line," Almeida confirmed he's signed a bout agreement for the fight. MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) confirmed with a source close to Hughes that he's also set for the bout.

Although not officially announced by the organization, UFC 117 takes place Aug. 7 at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. The night's main card, including Almeida vs. Hughes, airs on pay-per-view.

5/21/10 2:32:51PM
ya this was the only fight that made sense for hughes imo. I had it in mind after he beat renzo
5/21/10 3:06:02PM
seems like theyre feeding hughes good fight sfor him to build him up again. im not looking forward to this fight at all. almeida's a beast on the ground but his stand up isnt good at all. and hughes lnp isnt exciting anymore. i think matt's gonna get this cuz his sub defense is good enough to negate almeida's bjj
5/21/10 3:11:59PM
I think this is great fight for Almeida who should be able to take a decision over Hughes!
5/21/10 4:18:23PM
Almeida, hughes standup isn't anything to brag over, and almeida is a beast on the grouns
5/21/10 6:00:44PM
I shall avenge my master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol This is a good fight, I think Hughes got one more left in him and Almeida might have a tough fight coming to him.
5/21/10 6:07:27PM
Almeida should have this fight easy.
5/21/10 8:17:43PM
The way Hughes looked in his last fight against Renzo leads me to believe that Ricardo is going to OWN! Ricardo's hands have been decent, decent enough to set up a takedown at least. Matt's stand up looked real slow, and his cardio looked terrible! I think Ricardo may be able to finish this one!
5/21/10 10:37:12PM
I expect Almeida to win but, I'm not counting Hughes out.
5/22/10 4:16:47AM
Hughes' cardio looked terrible in his last fight, which is very unlike hughes.
Hopefully he will have watched the fight, and worked on his lazy striking.
If he gets that tired again, he wil make it pretty easy for Almeida to sub him
5/22/10 10:39:45PM
The UFC has to balance giving Matt Hughes fights he'd actually take with putting together exciting match ups. Unfortunately Hughes refuses to fight any MMA fighter with a legitimate 2010 skillset, leading to a steady diet of these oppressive match ups.

This fight will be unwatchably boring on the ground as the two will completely stalemate eachother's offense, because neither is particularly explosive or dynamic on the ground anymore and both have pure striking that wouldn't carry them to an MFC championship, much less a UFC one.

Just give Matt Hughes that fight with Denis Hallman, his undeserved title shot, and let him retire to his farm in Granite City or whereever where he can lift as many bales of hay as his God-fearing body will allow.
5/22/10 11:16:03PM
Suprised how many people think Almedia is going to win this fight.Probably the easiest style matchup for Hughes at this point is an almost pure BJJ guy like Almedia.He can just take him down,nullify his submissions,and work moderate ground and pound and rack up points en route to a decison.

This is exactly the match the UFC wants for guys like Hughes-a fight he is most likely going to win,but the majority of fans think he will loose,or has a good chance of loosing.That way he seems more relevant,when in reality he beat a guy who is just a great style match up for him.But people don't look at that-they see that Almedia has won a few fights,and Hughes hasn't looked so hot in awhile,so Almedia is going to kill him.

FWIW,Hughes already beat Almedia at ADCC some years back in a straight grappling match.

5/23/10 10:40:04PM
Some years back being the key phrase in your statement Bandit......in the last two years he has been looking past his prime. I don't know exactly when his decline began but it's definately here.....A couple of years ago a lot of things were differant.
5/23/10 10:50:36PM
This fight has controversial decision written all over it.

I can see Hughes maintaining dominant position for a majority of the fight but being much less active than Almeida.

Either way, Hughes needs Hallman soon. That's the only fight he probably should have before he retires permanently.
5/24/10 9:19:48PM
Props to bandit.

Hughes will rub armpits and elbows in Almieda's face from half gaurd for the better part of 13 minutes.
5/25/10 3:03:06PM
Solid matchup...I like Almeida by sub.
5/26/10 3:39:34AM
Never liked Hughes.
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