UFC Reportedly Loses ‘Huge’ New Sponsorship After Online Poker Indictments

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4/19/11 12:35:18PM
The federal indictments lobbed at three top poker websites late last week – including noted fight sponsor Full Tilt Poker – continue to cause a troubling ripple effect in the MMA world, new reports indicate. You may have already seen the stories over the weekend about how much the sudden absence of such poker site dough may or may not adversely affect the bottom line of individual fighters, but notable sports business reporter Darren Rovell (who works a lot on ESPN) now says the charges against Full Tilt also mean the loss of an important upcoming deal for the UFC.

4/19/11 4:38:44PM
Man I can only imagine the money that got sucked up by whoever once the indictments came...IM sure some people out there lost thousands that they left in their accounts...I knew one day the shutdown would happen and there was a chance to lose big..

How dumb of the sites...They literally were laughing all teh way to the bank...there were thousands spent on commercials and such...Just laughing at the government..I am guessing the government figured out the money lost and headed out the country could help the country...

They should legalize and tax it...The companies actually want this...But you have some idiot politicians worried some people cant control themselves...

But you dont see those politicians taking alcohol off the shelves...
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