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4/22/08 7:28:14PM
Former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort has reportedly been offered a fight against former heavyweight title holder Kevin Randleman at World Victory Road’s upcoming second “Sengoku” show on May 18th at the at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan.


Even though Randleman has accepted another fight. It is worth noting that Belfort has been contacted and offered a contract by EliteXC.
4/22/08 7:47:07PM
Elite XC needs him BAD. Or do they even have a LHW class.
4/22/08 7:55:07PM
awsome,.,, in my opinion.. early belfort was the ultimate package.. i love watching him.. ya know.. him arona and nog
4/22/08 11:15:58PM
Belfort USED TO BE so explosive,not sure these days though. wouldbe a good fight though.
4/22/08 11:44:25PM
exelite needs to watch it's spending they don't have millions to blow like the ufc, or else they will wind up like bodog and go bankrupt.
4/23/08 12:36:25AM
Anything to see this guy of my first favs!! I think he KOs Randleman quick!! EliteXC is looking real good to me!
4/23/08 12:51:17AM
Has it been reported yet if it will be the old Vitor or the new Vitor?
4/23/08 1:17:25AM
Elite's Light Heavyweight division is the most lacking right now... Belfort would be a great addition to their roster.