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6/6/11 3:57:36PM
The UFC's August fight card in Rio de Janeiro is just about set, but one question remains: Will anyone from the first family of Brazilian jiu jitsu be a part of it?

One member of that family, Renzo Gracie, says he feels strongly that a Gracie should be a part of the event. But Renzo says it won't be him, because he simply hasn't had time to prepare for an MMA fight with all the work it takes to run his own jiu jitsu school.

"In reality, I can't," Gracie said on The MMA Hour. "I have no time now. I was planning to, I began the training, but my life is so crazy I couldn't dedicate 100 percent to that."

6/6/11 4:09:11PM
TBH there is not really any Gracie that is good enough in MMA to be on a UFC card right now....

Just because they were something 15 years ago does not mean they should get fights because of who they WERE. You should get fights because of who you are now.

The Gracies help make MMA what it is, but that was nearly 20 years ago. Spawn a new Gracie that has a talent for MMA and have him earn a current spot.

Sakuraba is not petitoning for a fight in Rio just because he beat 4 out of 4 Gracies he fought... hell he broke 2 of their arms with a Kimura which got its name form Masahiko Kimura using it to break Helio Gracies arm... you would think of all things they would of learned how to defend it...
6/6/11 4:31:24PM
I agree. None of the Gracie's have it right now. Make one of the a guest ref or something along those lines.
6/6/11 11:22:39PM
Not a big fan of the gracies...
6/6/11 11:36:19PM
So was Renzo cut already? cmon D-Dub give him a can on the Rio card.
6/6/11 11:41:58PM
screw that, a gracie doesnt need to be on the rio card. theres already a bunch Brazilians on the card. the gracies arent relevant anymore other than to put there name in front of a BJJ school in hopes of attracting people even though there isnt a gracie there
6/7/11 12:10:20AM
I don't see any gracies on this card
6/7/11 12:24:17AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I don't see any gracies on this card

because thee are no good gracies left
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