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3/7/10 12:51:11PM
Hey guys just wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice on obtaing a goal that i would like to reach, My goal is to reach 185lbs or mainly pure muscle in 3-4months, right now I am currently around 230lbs, with some muscle but more fat, and im around 5'8. I will be joing an mma gym where Sam stout trains, however that could be in like a month or so. So i was wondering if theres any advice to get myself buid up so that when I join the gym i can keep up. Any help or advice would be helpful, any little tips and tricks would really be appreciated, I will give props.
3/7/10 12:57:21PM
Watch that diet, do plenty of cardio and high rep compound weightlifting or else body weight exercises.
3/7/10 1:01:19PM
So you wanna train MMA

This is a good thread to read
3/7/10 11:44:43PM
your gonna have to have a strict diet. if you can, get together with a nutritionist to get your body fat percentage so they can tell you your calorie intake and proper diet. other than that you need to hit the gym alot doing loads of cardio, interval training, high rep strength training, and dont overlook flexibility.
3/17/10 1:46:51AM
I'll give you a hard pill to swallow. Mentally prepare yourself for the fact you will not reach your goal. What you are proposing is very difficult and improbable in my mind. IT would take me 2-3 months of running 20-30 miles a week, whilst working out/training 7 times a week to lose 7 pounds and get ripped (I know I have done it recently).

Setting goals is important for getting motivated, but it is just as important staying motivated. Staying motivated (IMO) comes along with setting reasonable goals so you don't get discouraged. If you plan to lose 10 pounds in 3 months, and you drop 5 in the first month, you get more motivated and can reestablish your goals if you want. However, planning on dropping 45 pounds in 3-4 months is tough to stay focused on if you only lose 5 lbs in the first month.
5/7/10 3:26:11PM
Anyone who trains hard needs a nutrition plan. You need the healthy benefits of products like BAZI to reach your peak form. Without the right fuel, you wont go anywhere.

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5/7/10 4:46:40PM
My personal suggestion would be to consult a doctor or medical professional before setting forth on your quest. Your goal may or may not be attainable I'm not qualified to say, but I would speak to someone who knows darn well what they are doing before going head first into some hard training. Pushing your body to extreme limits can be dangerous. I would make sure you have all the right information before doing so.
5/12/10 11:53:28PM
I have to agree with Rush that you should prepare yourself for not reaching that goal... that is a lot of weight to drop within the time you've granted yourself. BUT you can definitely make a dent...

One of the main things to focus on is every possible way to rev up your metabolic rate... here are some tips for that:
1. keep building muscle mass -- the more lean tissue you have on your body, the higher your metabolism... lean mass utilizes more calories to sustain itself (as opposed to fat mass) so you'll increase your caloric expenditure
2. cardio freak -- focus on some serious cardio, especially interval training and cardio circuits (push on this... when you're ready to give up, it's usually in your head... trust me, your lungs will not explode!)
3. excellent nutrition -- lean proteins (especially post workout), lots of veggies, and whole grain carbs (carbs in moderation)... probably best to consult a RD on this

On a side note, this is a rough workout plan ahead of you, so be sure to listen to your body and take care of it - rest and even some meditation will help. Good luck to you!
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