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5/12/08 1:26:01PM
Just doing the introduction thing.
I am 36 out of California. Really wish I had thought about getting into MMA when I was younger. I have a skill or two and still have heavy hands. But reguardsless of fighters like Randy, I dont think I would be able to cut it as a fighter now.
Anyhow, really into MMA, I am the VP of our wrestling boosters for my son's high school team.
Go Silverado Hawks.!!!! (Joe Stevenson's High School)
I enjoy helping the team and being able to work with my son.

Started a fight camp and looking for member's.(THE BOBBLEHEADS) Dont ask because I dont know.
Just a camp to have some fun and compare notes on fighters.
Everyone wecome and I wont cut you for having bad picks just to keep the stats up.
Anyways thats about it. Love the site.

5/12/08 2:06:34PM
Haha no one has replyed yet
5/12/08 3:31:23PM
Oh arent you the funny one. lol
5/21/08 8:27:17PM
Hahaha... This is where the action is...
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