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5/19/08 8:57:53PM
This is not a post intended to start any arguments. Most of you know where I stand on ranking Fedor and Couture (Fedor=1, Couture not top 5).

Since telnights was too cowardly and blinded by Couture fanboyism and Fedor hate to justify how Couture fighting TWICE in SIX YEARS at HW earned him a spot in top 5, especially when he is 2-2 in his last 4 fights at HW, in another thread, I thought to bring it here, where intelligent fans can explain why not only should Couture even be ranked after ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR of inactivity, but in the top 5 and ahead of Fedor after only 2 fights in 6 six years, and the ones before that 2 beatdowns, where he was FINISHED, not decisioned.

By this logic, shouldn't Soko have been ranked 1-3 at LHW after brutal KOs over Lil Nog and Arona? Or hypothetically, if a new MMA fighter comes out of nowhere and only has 2 fights, beating Nog and Fedor back to back, would that make him ranked 1-3? Even if he doesn't fight for almost a year after this accomplishment?

And for the record, I am more a Couture fan than a Fedor fan, but Couture isn't even close to skill/accomplishment of Fedor. Both have annoying fans (the ones that think their fighter is the best ever).
5/19/08 9:00:49PM
Most people who have randy ranked in the top 5 have fedor in the top 5 to. To have one and not the others kinda nut hugging if you ask me. (saying that, im not sure if ive got either of them in mine)

I know your not looking to start arguments but you just know its gona happen in this thread lol.
5/19/08 9:05:38PM
I guess so, I'm just looking to see the justifications behind it, not to argue those justifications (if any).
5/19/08 9:21:50PM
I have him at number 5. But i definately agree with you that he hasn't done nearly as much stuff at heavyweight as people give him credit for and i don't think he deserves to be top 3. But the reason i have him at number 5 is just because of the current state of the heavyweight division. Most of the UFC's HW division have a hard time stringing together a few wins. Its hard because no one has been dominant enough. One reason i think people are quick to put him in the top 5 is because his popularity went through the roof after beating Tim. Finally someone put the decision monster down and people were really thankful for that.

If he goes a full year without fighting i think he should be taken off the top ten. Yeah there are contract disputes but at the same time he still has a guy ranked higher than him to beat in the UFC, Noguiera. I think if Couture goes back and beats Nog then he will truly have earned his top spot. or by beating Fedor of course but i dont think that would happen.
5/20/08 10:43:42AM

Posted by puppetmaster837

because his popularity went through the roof after beating Tim.

There we go.

The fact that most people could't even post a justification is proof that his top ranking really can't be justified at all, and people just like the guy and rank accordingly.

On a seperate note, do you really think Couture could beat Nog? He doesn't have the reach or technical striking to cause him problems on the feet, and he's no sub wizard. Nog would most likely catch him in a sub. The way people are ranking him, he's already beaten Nog (that would explain it).
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