Randy Couture Biography (video: 45 mins)

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9/30/08 5:39:07PM
Very interesting, have never seen this before, 45 minute biography of Randy Couture, starting from his Army/ wrestling days to becoming a mixed martial artist.
Things like these interest me alot, definitely suggest checking it out

EDIT: Also to note, it is fairly recent, as it includes talk about him doing movies (specifically Scorpion King)
9/30/08 6:08:00PM
i just watched this earlier today. funny that its posted up now. but did anyone else notice randy with the mullet and porn mustach i think it was during one of his olympic trials.
9/30/08 6:18:52PM
I read his book last week and must say out of the 3 that I have read (the other 2 being Chuck Liddell's and Matt Hughes) his book is by far the more interesting of the others.
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