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4/22/08 5:48:36AM
There was an article posted on the Canadian section of Yahoo! sports on Saturday about UFC president, Dana White. White provided nuggets of information about a variety of different topics.

The part I found the most interesting was when White was asked about if there were plans for the UFC to install a featherweight division (145 lbs.).
4/22/08 6:03:53AM
Be good to see the MW div beefed up on the UFC side if indeed that is what happens. But does that mean the Lightweights would cross to the WEC? They'd lose some good fighters if that was the case...
4/22/08 10:18:29AM
Yeah, i'm really hoping the lightweights make the cut and stay in the UFC.

I think this is probably the best way to divide the 2 organizations. heavier weights UFC, lighter weights WEC... so that they are no in direct competition.

But the Heaviers weights tend to be the knockout fights and the lighters weights (usually due to lack of KO power) tend to be more submission focused.

I like the mix of the two in the UFC. I wouldn't want to lose the lightweight's.

I guess the bigger names may help the WEC's status but the UFC would lose - Penn, Sherk, Huerta, Griffin, Diaz, Gomi, Florian, Stevenson...

I don't like....
4/22/08 2:38:09PM
I don't think the ufc would basically kick the lightweight division out of the ufc alot of fighters would be pissed. and fans.
I can see them dropping the lhw division from wec and bringing them over.
as far as ww and mw ? I would leave those where they are.
4/22/08 3:49:43PM
it might be just me, but i like it how it is

4/22/08 5:06:05PM
I don't really see the difference between having them as separate entities with different weight classes or just one big organization.

What I mean by this, let's say the WEC features fighters 155 lbs and down and the UFC 170 and up. Now, one of two things will happen, people will look at them as WEC and the UFC (as different orgs with different skill levels, etc). If that is the case, doesn't that imply, potentially, an inferior stigma towards the lower wieght class fighters?

The alternative is people will look at the WEC as an equal with the UFC, which brings me back to my original question, what would be the point of having two organizations?

So unless there is money to be saved by splitting up the entities via wieght classes, I don't see the point from a fan or fighter's perspective.
4/22/08 6:47:45PM
i see that gonig badly... i see a lot of lightweights going over seas if they split.. too bad..

although dana can accomplish a lot.. and has and probably will continue to. so who knows
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