Rampage Jackson Weighed 251 Before Training Camp

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5/27/10 8:43:48AM
Anyone who has followed Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's mixed martial arts career knows that he's never been a gym rat, and that if he takes more than a year off from fighting, he's going to allow himself to get out of shape. That's just who he is.

But even knowing that, I was surprised to learn just how fat Rampage was at the start of his training camp for Saturday night's fight with Rashad Evans: 251 pounds.

That's what Mike Dolce, Jackson's strength and conditioning coach, revealed on the latest episode of UFC Primetime.

"Day 1 of this camp, Quinton was 251 pounds," Dolce said. "Today he is 221 ripped pounds."

5/27/10 8:48:53AM
I'm not too surprised, Rampage has never been the year round ripped guy.
5/27/10 9:33:29AM
Funny thing is, he said I think on the second episode of Prime Time that he started incorporating running into his training again.....Wow, 251lbs...that's like a Anthony Johnson man size cut.
5/27/10 11:03:06AM
Rampage and Anthony Johnson need to join jenny craig if they wanna still fight in their regular divisions...imo lol,
cutting 50 lbs is dangerous imo.

I wouldnt be suprised if Rampage doesnt make weight.

Such a hard fight to call for me. Speed vs power, strategy vs aggression. Rampage may be harder to take down than Thiago, but his guard is not as good as Thiago imo. It could be a long 3 rds if Rampage can't get off his back imo. I see Rashad dodging all Rampages punches, but if one connects hes toast. If Rashad connects with full power, he will need to swarm, because Page has a big head and can take a big shot imo.
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5/27/10 11:49:19AM
He isn't cutting 50 lbs.
5/27/10 1:32:54PM
He isn't cutting 50 pounds... He normally weighs probably about 220 and cuts from there, he just put on 25 or so pounds of fat while he wasn't training. I'm sure he burned it off within like a week of training.
5/27/10 1:41:25PM
Thank you Achilles and Aether.

It's not outside of the norm for even lightweight fighters to gain 30-40 lbs. during extended off times. You can't really consider that part of the weight cut because it's mostly fat that gets burnt off within the first few weeks of training. These are professional athletes with ridiculous amounts of muscle, rigorous training schedules, and strict diets. Having 12 weeks to lose 30 lbs. of excess fat is not a big deal at all to these guys who have all the tools necessary to cut fat like a hot knife through butter. The only really hard part is cutting that last 10-15 lbs. of water weight.

A 155lb. Zuffa fighter that I was pretty close with would bulk up to ~190 during off times and shed it like nobody's business.
5/27/10 1:44:04PM
I don't even really understand why this is a story.
5/27/10 3:14:51PM
Guys, the important part of this is where he was when this interview was grabbed. 221. That's an easy weight cut for someone in a few days.
5/27/10 3:52:42PM
I tend to disagree about if this has relevance. Ive done some weight training in my life and it takes a lot of time to bring back strength and conditioning.

I dont think it's always something that you can point out in a fighters performance but I know I worked everyday for two years and was just really starting to get my body in good shape when I took a brake. Took four months off and had to work three more just to get truly back where I left off.

He'll be in shape but the best "fight shape" of his life? Its hard for me to believe that knowing he's has so much time off and a limited time to train. Its not just the physical aspect but technique, timing, footwork all deteriorate if you dont train.

I still expect a good fight and am still picking Jackson but it is a legitimate concern.
5/27/10 4:58:27PM
The 251 comment worried me a tad bit, I won't lie.
5/27/10 5:09:24PM
I don't think this is very surprising. When Rampage left to do the A-Team movie, he didn't think he'd be returning to MMA (or so he said), so why kill yourself training like a professional athlete when he really wasn't for a year? I'm sure he got to spend some quality time with his family and friends, and filmed a movie which only requires you to have big muscles and not much else. If Rampage feels comfortable with his training regimen in the leap up to the fight, more power to him, I just hope he doesn't throw out excuses if he gets owned or gasses.
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