Rampage/Hendo Media Days

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8/22/07 5:27:24PM
The two champs prepare for their unification fight at UFC 75 on Sept. 8

Some interesting and controversial statements by Rampage's boxing coach. I agree with the writer though. Rampage may have a slight edge. Enjoy
8/22/07 7:34:26PM
come on Rampage
8/22/07 7:39:21PM
good article..thanks for posting
8/22/07 7:52:17PM
nice post
8/22/07 7:54:47PM
Was just going to post this. I think Page's coach should stick to coaching. It's great that he thinks all his fighters are clean and the best in the world, but when you have zero proof that the other guys were taking things you should keep your mouth shut. I love Rampage but he should not be relying on the fact that his trainer thinks chute boxe is on roids and practice defending the tai clinch.
8/23/07 9:31:12AM
interesting about the couture/hendo thing....thats probably the first negative disparaging comment about an outside the cage issue someone's had w/ couture that ive heard. Anyone know how the whole quest/extreme couture split developed?
8/23/07 12:05:23PM
I really dont. All I know is that Couture at one time joint ventured with Bas Rutten to open up a gym and somehow it became X-treme Couture. Couture began training all over the place and kind of simply left Team Quest.

So kinda like when Ken Shamrock left the Lion's Den, Team Quest hasn't been doing too well. Other than Couture, I've never been a big Team Quest fan. The name sounds gay and having trained with a few of their fighters, they have attitudes there.

I can see why Couture would want to leave. Couture doesnt have an attitude and simply wants to always improve and surround himself with guys that push him. Team Quest seems to be like the old LIons Den just with the same guys, doing the same things all the time and not brining in new talent to test them.
8/23/07 2:18:39PM
pretty weak blaming losses to chute box on steroids. it's simple, he got knocked out cold. stop with the steroid accusations and admit that he got dominated.
8/23/07 2:22:27PM
ya thats low class to accuse legendary fighter like Wand of juicing....Rampage got dominated twice and he will lose again to Hendo at 75
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