UFC Quick Quote: Wanderlei Silva predicts 'action' against Yoshihiro Akiyama

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5/23/10 11:03:07PM
“Professor Rafael Cordeiro will coordinate and give directions to the sparrings to do the way it has to be done (trainings). Akiyama is tough, a good guy who has been an athlete throughout his life. He does well on the ground and is very strong. It’s going to be a very interesting fight, a great one for me because he’s a guy who fights and open the game, not a man who runs. I believe it’ll be a big show. I want to fight for more six years, at least until forty’s. This change of category was good. I had to re-educate myself on food matter and I’m feeling very well”.

-- “The Axe Murderer” meets “Sexyama” at UFC 116 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 3, which is a middleweight bout that could have major championship-challenging implications for the winner down the road.

5/23/10 11:55:19PM
Nothing but class and truth out of Wanderlei's mouth. I swear this guy continues to epitomize what mixed martial artists are. You know for a fact Wanderlei is going to bring a war just like he always does! Think about it- with 90% of everyone else you'd be saying "Yeah, right....." just from reading the headline. With Wanderlei you KNOW it's true!
5/24/10 6:15:07AM
With most fighters they say "I'm going to bring it to him" or w/e and you know it's trash talk.
Wandy is a true master of the mmarts and is always up for making a hell of a show.
Then again, all the Pride Boys like to put on a show, and are always respectful and modest. Or hella funny in the case of rampage
5/24/10 10:10:30PM
This guy has ben MMA gold since he first started throwing down. Killer Instiinct.......no one tops Wandy. His style is more than most can handle. I like him at MW in the UFC and hopehe crushes Sexypuka!!!!......ooops my bad not bashing....just HATING!!!!!!!! The name that is!!!

EDIT: OHH YEAH and "THE MAN" said he wants to fight until he is at least 40!!! 6 more Yrs of Wanderlei Silva!!!!!??...........................WAR "The Axe Murderer"
5/24/10 11:33:03PM
Wanderlei wins this and he is a fight away from challenging for the title. It's likely Dana will keep giving him good but winnable fights(not Anderson or Vitor) until Anderson has left the division. Don't be surprised to see Wandy challenge for the vacant title.
5/26/10 3:38:56AM
FOTN potential.
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