UFC Quick Quote: Frank Mir poses the biggest threat to Cain Velasquez

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5/20/11 11:20:33AM
Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir believes he can give division kingpin Cain Velasquez "the best fight right now" as he heads into UFC 130 on May 28 to try and prove he still belongs in the upper echelon of Zuffa heavyweights.

5/20/11 11:38:33AM
I disagree full heartedly.
5/20/11 12:17:40PM
Of course Frank Mir thinks he is the biggest threat b/c he's saying it himself.

I do think he is a threat to Cain, but maybe not the biggest. Although the threats to Cain are pretty slim with a small HW roster.
5/20/11 1:13:57PM
I think Frank is capable of beating Velasquez, but Velasquez wouldn't have much trouble putting Frank on the mat for 25 minutes, and Mir doesn't have a huge advantage over Cain at anything.
5/20/11 1:34:56PM
i can see Mir being a problem for Cain. his striking is decent, has power in his hands, and has one of the best BJJ in the HW division. Yeah Velasquez is pretty much better at every aspect of MMA (minus BJJ), but Frank is no slouch.

that being said, Velasquez 49-46 UD
5/20/11 1:42:52PM
if he beats big country, I think Mir would be a great test stylistically. Mir wouldhave to get taken down for it to hit the ground, and im sure Cain wouldnt stay there for long
5/20/11 2:40:00PM
I don't see Mir winning against Cain, Mir has had his best days..
I see Cain wearing that belt for a long time to come.
5/20/11 3:44:23PM
It would be a great fight. I agree with Mir to some extent. He's the most interesting style challenge. If he's on his game (because he's so inconsistent) he's one of the best HW's in the world, still.

If Mir beats Big Country and maybe one more high ranked opponent I'd like him to get the shot. His striking is great and his kicks could keep the boxer Velasques at bay. He's also got a BJJ advantage so Cain's wrestling might not be a great option. I'd prolly pick cain, but I still think it'd be interesting.
5/20/11 3:55:00PM
Mir thinks he is the biggest threat to any fighter in that division
5/20/11 3:59:43PM
Way to hype yourself up and jockey for position in the title picture, Frank

Honestly though, I could actually see Mir winning. In all of the hypothetical scenarios, I can see it playing out like both of their matches with Kongo.

Mir clipped Kongo, and choked him unconscious without taking a punch. Cain (albeit earlier in his career) kept getting dropped while trying to trade with Kongo, but was saved by his wrestling, and Kongo's lack their of.

If Mir can land a good shot, who knows. In reality, I would pick Cain, more likely than not. But Mir has a decent shot, in my opinion. Styles do make fights....
5/20/11 5:15:40PM
Personally, I think Cain would deystroy Mir's cardio in the first round and take a TKO late in the second or midway through the third.
5/20/11 5:45:23PM

Posted by Budgellism

I disagree full heartedly.

What he said. I have 2 say JDS is cains biggest threat rite now
5/20/11 7:13:10PM
I like Mir as he is one of my favorites but he is certainly not the biggest threat to Cain. At this very moment, JDS is the biggest threat and hopefully he makes it past Carwin.

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