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1/17/11 10:51:53AM
Last month, Bellator announced a 3-year TV deal with MTV2 TV, claiming the event as a turning point for the promotion. As they head into their 4th season, there are still a few aspects of the deal that weren’t clear, mainly pertaining to time-slot, production, profitability, and future sustainability.

One aspect that was still not finalized when the deal was announced was Bellator’s broadcast team for next season. Many claim their two man booth, consisting of Jimmy Smith and Sean Wheelock, has been one of the best around MMA for the past few seasons, which made it seem like a pretty sure bet both men were coming back, but in this interview performed by MMATorch, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney expressed some doubt about the situation back in December...

1/17/11 3:11:33PM
Idk why they wouldnt be the annouce team, I think they are pretty good. Smith is good and was or is a fighter himself.
1/17/11 6:38:32PM
They had Bjorn on beatdown and he seemed to imply that Smith wanted more money then they were willing to pay.
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