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8/30/07 7:32:20AM
If I choose not to make a decision on a fight,does it count against me,or are only the fights I choose the ones that go on my record?
8/30/07 10:25:48AM
Just pick every fight and dont be like some of the other idiots on here who pick the easy fights every time and think there great.
8/30/07 1:22:14PM
i pick all the fights go big or go home!! but i thnk if you dont pick you dont get a lose, i think thats what you asked but im not 100% sure
8/30/07 2:05:11PM
I think the only ones that go on your record are the ones you pick. Me, I pick all the fights anyway, the only way I don't pick on is if I forget or it's a late change and I don't have enough time to adjust.
8/30/07 2:23:14PM
I'm sick of these ppl only picking easy fights just so they can pad their record. Man, just pick the damn fights.
Why would you take the easy way out, just so your record will be better.
Dude, its just a website and in the grand scheme of things, the record really doesn't mean anything. It's not like you're actually going to be fighting against someone. It doesn't decide if you're getting laid tonight or if you're every going to have kids. You won't be thinking before you die, "man, I shouldn't have picked all those fights." Live a little and stop worrying about the petty things. Life's too short.
I could care less what yours, or anybody else's record, or even myself's for that matter, is. I want to do good, but it's not as if i'm going to cry or kill myself if I pick a few fights wrong.
8/30/07 3:04:18PM
Thanks for the post guys.

I always pick all the fights too.I was just wondering.
8/31/07 6:59:02AM
You miss out on points if you don't pick fights.
It's more about points and season rankings then having a solid record.
There can be people on here who are 24-5 and be ranked higher than someone who is 25-0.
9/2/07 7:47:08AM
Depends on your goals.

If you want to win the money, then you gotta pick all the fights, even if you are clueless as to the fighters. The $$ are handed out to the top points earners.

If you want the 100% record to brag about, then cherry pick. Doesn't bother me at all.

In fact, I'd rather you cherry pick. That's less competition for me in the points game.
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