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7/24/07 5:52:05PM
I train in Muay Thai and CSW. My school also offers Jeet Kune Do at no extra cost. Does anyone think I should also take that class or just stick with what I'm doing? I'm not sure that its that helpful in MMA fights or not. Really don't know a lot about Jeet Kune Do.
7/24/07 5:56:48PM
Forget the jkd because the premier move are illegal and the stance isnt really good defencivly against wrestling that his if its for competition but JKD his great for street fighting and multi opponent but tell me what school do you go cause mine give the same discipline with no extra cost either
7/24/07 5:58:57PM
Crucible Martial Arts
7/24/07 6:05:05PM
not the same
7/24/07 6:12:27PM
JKD is not very good for MMA. It's probably best to invest all your time training for MMA if all you want to do MMA...don't want to end up with bad habits in a streetfighting martial art.
7/24/07 8:20:52PM
Jeet Kune Do is the original mixed martial arts. That is what it is a combonation of several forms. Making Bruce the original MMA practitioner.
Besides, the price is right on the class. Learn all you can.
7/24/07 11:37:21PM
i say learn it the more you are in the gym the better you are going be in shape
7/25/07 5:49:47AM
You might aswell learn it, you should try all the sports you can, while you are still young and fit enough to do them. You never know, you might end up liking it so much it could be your main sport. Never rule that out!

I dont suppose it would have a great application in MMA, but the more martial arts you can learn, the more lateral your ring mind will become, you will see strategies and movements that others just arent thinking about it. Your balance, fitness and flexability will probably be improved even further too, and that will help in MMA.
7/26/07 11:59:03PM
It will help a lot. Many points are overlooked in other styles, such as economy of motion, jamming strikes and movements, the extreme importance of speed and maximum power, etc.

Not to mention it will mentally make you a much better fighter. You'll outmatch your opponent before the fight begins. This is if they teach JKD well...a lot of it is philosophy (if not just buy Tao Of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee, it addresses all sides of it well).
8/1/07 11:16:57PM
JKD was set out to be free not only from styles but also rules which makes it not good for MMA. Bruce Lee believed whatever you could do to get an advantage on an opponent was to be used.

Once praticing with a wrestler, he was put in a choke and asked how he would get it out. Without hestitation he said he would simply bite his arm.

Bruce Lee is a genius but MMA does weaken his style just because a lot of what he did would be illegal in professional fighting. I would do any class I could jsut to improve so try it out at least,.
5/16/08 2:13:24PM
Also there are alot of schools out there teaching Jeet Kun Do but unless it is Jun Fan Jeet Kun Do you can not be sure of how close to Bruce's teaching s it is. There is alot in JKD ttraining that could help in MMA and the basic stance is very effective in stand up but unless your really quick it is weak against a wrestler.. If you do adopt the stance practice sprawling ALOT from the stance it can be done and is not impossible just takes some real quickness and lightness on your feet.
5/17/08 11:02:47PM
dude if i could learn it i would. the more knowledge the better, and if they teach you how to scream like bruce thats a + right there.
5/19/08 10:22:58PM
If you're going to a school that does Muay Thai and CSW then the JKD should be pretty good. I would do it, if you don't like it you can always drop it.
5/19/08 10:38:09PM
"way of the intercepting fist"