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8/18/07 9:14:21AM
Hello, im kinda new here just been here for Ultimate fighter finale and UFC 73..

I was wondering if you pick say GSP to beat Koscheck and you pick it to end in the 2nd via (T)KO... If GSP loses the fight and Koscheck wins in the 2nd via (T)KO do you get the points for guessing it will end in the 2nd and that it will end by TKO or does the guy you picked have to win?
8/18/07 9:44:13AM
You don't get the points for choosing the correct round or fight ending if you don't choose the winner. It's a straight 0 across the board if your pick loses. Hope that helps.
8/18/07 9:59:07AM
Thanks for clearing that up mate.
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