Pulver to fight on November 3rd

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8/29/07 4:54:24PM
After pulling out of his WEC debut with a knee injury Jens Pulver is rumored to be fighting Cub Swanson in November

8/29/07 5:10:17PM
That's not too bad, I can deal with three months. Can't wait to see what he can do in the featherweight divison.
8/29/07 6:31:28PM
go cubbie!
8/29/07 7:02:17PM
do they have a 135lb class anywhere if he could drop to that he would be mean
8/29/07 7:37:34PM
Cub is a beast I think he can KO Jens if they go toe to toe
8/30/07 1:56:58PM
I think Jens can pull it off...... Cub is a great fighter..... but Jens has the experience and hes coming in hungry for a win. Also Jens trained with BJ to work on his BJJ. This might make Jens a dangerous weapon in the Featherweight division.
8/30/07 8:49:24PM
you'll see cubbie go real big soon...urijah might be the man now but he'll leave soon for ufc and cub will take over for wec
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