UFC 82 promo says jardine is on the card

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2/6/08 6:25:28PM
did anybody else see this, sounds like a mistake, either that or they couldnt find an opponent.
2/6/08 8:49:59PM
I was coming on here to ask about that too. Its one thing to make the Silva vs. Liddell banner mistake online, but how could you have that big of an error in a commercial?
2/6/08 10:05:43PM
I saw it too during the Pride reruns on FSN.There's not even any lhws on the card and I've heard no rumors of him fighting.Must be a mistake,but you'd think they'd be more careful before releasing the commercial.
2/6/08 10:15:47PM
It's probably a mistake. Didn't they call BJ the phenom instead of the prodigy on the 80 commercials?
2/6/08 11:42:05PM
I seen it and I got excited, But no fight confirmed, WTF.
Who would it be?
That's a pretty big mistake if it is hey.

There is still enough time to announce another fight, Finger's crossed.
2/6/08 11:48:20PM
They already have 10 fights for the event, so I doubt they're throwing on an 11th, especially when it would be a main card fight more than likely.
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