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7/15/08 4:24:10AM
I've never really understood the PR%DE Rounds. are their 2? or 3? or 5? idk it seems like some are just 1st rd 10 min and second is 5 mins. but then you have CroCop and wand 1 which was (i think) 5 rds.. and then you have Mirko's fight with Fedor which was 3 rounds. and what are DREAMS rounds? can someone help me
7/15/08 7:39:30AM
DREAM fights are 1 10 minute round then 1 5 minute round.

PRIDE fights went like this:
Normal fights: 1 10 minute round, 2 5 minute rounds
GPs with 2 rounds on one night: 1 10 munte round, 1 5 minute round
US events (under unified MMA rules): 3 5 minute rounds for normal fights, 5 5 minute rounds for title fights
7/17/08 12:52:13AM
The first Cro Cop Wandy fight had 5 rounds cos it was being fought under special rules because cro cop was a k-1 fighter at the time (i think)... they had different rounds in the earlier events too... it varied 2, 10mins... 3, 10mins... 2,10mins with 5mins overtime... unlimited 10mins... they never did a great job of explaining it either... Even Bas and Quadros got confused...
7/17/08 10:41:18AM
It seems like they were up for debate...

When Saku and Royce fought in the 2000 GP, there was a special rule of unlimited 15 minute rounds (the fight went on for 90min)

Like explained before... Normal Pride fights had two 10 minute rounds then a 5 minute 3rd round...

Bushido events had only one 10 minute round then a 5 minute second...

So far it seems like dream is using the Bushido round system
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